BMW Key Replacement Cost

When your car keys suddenly fail to function you may be thinking of various options for Bmw key replacements. If it is a genuine ignition then chances are the problem is with your car key itself. But if it is a replaceable plastic key made by the manufacturer, then the real problem may lie in the key itself. Replacing a car’s key is not a tricky proposition provided you know what you are doing and there are few basic things you should keep in mind before undertaking the job. This article outlines some basic tips for Bmw key replacement, along with some information about the various types of keys available.

Some people mistakenly think that a BMW key needs to be thrown out with the old one. But this is quite the reverse. It is best to take the key to the local BMW locksmiths and ask for advice. What kind of key did your original key require? A regular, stock-type key, a transponder or key fob or a lock-specific immobilizer system?

Keys for BMW automobiles are available in several different varieties depending on their make and model. The most common type used by most owners is the “Aggie” range which means Access, ignition and drive locks. These are the standard keys for ignition and access. The “Subscriber” range contains additional keys such as ignition, drive locks, subscriber key fobs and ignition and door locks. You can also purchase additional subscriber keys, including subscriber key fobs, from any BMW dealership.

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To change the actual keys to your ignition you must remove the old and existing ignition and fob and turn off the ignition. Next disconnect the power from the ignition and fob and then remove the plastic cover retaining the old key. Your new keyless entry system will be installed. Your old key fob should now be attached to a working key fob so that when you do unlock your car it opens with your new working key fob.

Your new BMW key replacement cost will depend on the options you choose. Changing the actual keys to your ignition will be far more expensive than replacing the existing transponder chips. If you want to replace the entire ignition then your new cost will of course be far higher. Some ways to save money on the replacement is to go for a regular key fob and get a lock/ ignition set. By changing the whole ignition you can save up to $200 on the replacement. If you change your key to a regular one with a hard-to-detect transponder chip then your new cost will be even lower.

In most of the vehicles with a factory BMW transmitter, the factory BMW owners manual states how to change the fobs themselves but if you are not so confident or just don’t know how to then getting the help of your friends or family might be a good idea. Many of them may have already tried the steps described in the owner’s manual. It is also important to note that many of these people have also replaced their own BMWs at some point and they will have first hand knowledge about the steps required to perform the job. These steps are especially important if you have locked your car as your spare will only work if you have the correct key.